professional 3D printer for small-scale production and research laboratories
If you haven't tried F2 Lite, then you don't know
what fast 3D printing really is.
F2 Lite
New look at FDM 3D printing
The company's flagship development - FDM 3D printing technology which allow you significantly increase printing speed due to the innovative method of heating the nozzle, as well as improve the quality and durability of the created products thanks to the developed algorithms for controlling the polymer extrusion process.
F2 printing technology
  • printing area - 350*450*600 mm
  • printing chamber - heated up to 80°С
  • heated bed - up to 140°С
  • printing speed - up to 300 mm/s
  • extruders - two independent high-temperature (up to 600°С)
  • size - 960*740*1450 mm
  • universal nozzle for different materials
  • fast cartridge change system
  • temperature accuracy - 1-2°С
  • water cooling system
  • heavy duty tungsten carbide nozzles
Two independent high-temperature extruders (up to 600 ° C) allow to print not only with standard polymers (ABS, PLA, PP, etc.), engineering polymers (ASA, PC, ABS + CF, etc.), but also with high-temperature polymers such as PEEK , PEKK, Ultem, PEEK + CF, etc.
The F2 printing technology provides an ultra-fast heating of the extruder to the operating temperature in only 3 seconds, the accuracy of maintaining the melt temperature up to 0.1°C, and the system of quick change of cartridges with nozzles of different diameters. Altogether making the printing process simple and fast.
Printing chamber
A unique system for providing the required temperature environment with high uniformity of heating up to 80 ° C of the entire volume of the chamber with convection is installed in the print chamber. A built-in air filtration system traps all unwanted particles and odors.
Precision guides and ball screws guarantee high movement accuracy and repeatability of the final details.
The printer is equipped with its own electronics and an intuitive interface developed by F2 innovations.
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We design our printers with care and love - from sketch to finished product,
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